Hi, our project is using FMODEX to manager the sounds.
We have to use EventProject::release to dynamically load/unload the project because the number of events is more than 8912: The maximum number of EventSystem.
But, there are something wrong when some events are playing. Sometimes crashes in the first play, but sometimes it will collapse after unloading many times.
Strangely, some other resources will never crash, even if their templates are the same.
The crashed dump at run time has two different conditions:
One is crashing in FMOD::EventSound::unload() and another is FMOD::SoundDef::getEntry().
When will it be possible to appear on the above situation, did I have some parameter settings wrong in Designer?
We would appreciate it if you could answer it as soon as possible.

  • brett

    Which version of FMOD are you using? Its possible there is a bug that has already been fixed

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A private build can be sent to users that supports 16384 events. If developers require this they can write to


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