hi ,
Test settings: max instance (1) ;Stealing(change all but None)
Test operation: create instances at the same time
result: last instance will be stop by next instance,just like Stealing(Oldest) effect

when I change Stealing mode in Fmod Studio Editor (1.10.02), build banks and sync in Assets,but it’s not working in Unity. Just keep playing. Only Stealing(None) is working. Is there anyone knows why ? oldest,furthest, quietest, virtualize not working ?

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The stealing behaviour for events are usually based on the volume of the event (all tracks, master track, distance attenuation taken into consideration) such as quietest and virtualize. Furthest stealing is for the event instance furthest away from the listener and oldest is the event instance created the oldest.


If you are creating multiple events at the same time they will end up having the same volume, distance, and “age” so which one gets stolen can be difficult to track. Usually it is down to which line in your game code came first.

In my testing all stealing behaviours function as expected. Can you provide further information what you are expecting to happen and what is actually happening?


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