How do get DSP to work on both Modules and Streams? I was using
FSOUND_DSP_Create and using the Default user priority, but all
i could get was messed up sound and crapy results. I saw the example
for custom streams and tried the DSP example to halve the volume.
With FSOUND_DSP_Create the output is nasty and choppy. When I used
FSOUND_Stream_CreateDSP, it worked, but, it has no effect on Modules.
How do i create a “universal” dsp unit for both streams and modules and
actually get it to work? I also read in the docs that the SOUND_Stream_CreateDSP
priorities ALWAYS come after data is read/decoded for the stream. Is this
why the output isn’t messed up? And where in the Normal dsp chain is the
data read/decoded?

Thanks for any help.

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nevermind, i’m just being an idiot again. I didn’t realize that the data
being passed to the DSP callback is whatever you set the mixer to, and
that the data passed to a stream dsp callback is 16bit. :roll:

So much for thinking before posting…

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