Is there a way to set FMODs output frequency without shutting down FMOD
and re-initializing it with the new frequency? I don’t mean playback rate,
but the mixer rate. After a very long time and some crashes, i finally got
the SNES APU to stream thru fmod, but, the snes apu only streams correctly
at 32000, so, i set the custom stream to 32000, but the output rate of fmod
is 44100 (due to other songs that it has to play). This cuases the custom
stream to have bad quality, it plays at the correct speed, but has a “ring”
to it (forcing it to mix at 44100 and not 32000). If set the output rate to
32000, this fixes the problem. But i have to shut fmod down, wait a while
for the hardware buffer to clear then reinitialize (sucks like mad).

There should be a function to set the mixer rate.
such as: FSOUND_SetMixerRate(32000).

My player uses a plugin system. Input plugins tell FMOD how big a buffer
to create and the frequency. Since SPC’s use 32000, it is nessesary to
mix at 32000, not 44100.

Thanks for any help.

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