I have a user in peru and a user in the phillipines who say they get fmod errors and problems with their sound in other applications. I’m using VB6 on win 98 and i believe they have XP, but i know it works on another XP machine in peru, and XP as well as 95 machines in U.S. I’m pretty darn sure they have their fmod.dll in right place. There’s no setup routine just exe’s from my VB because i didn’t install any OCX etc or reference external DLLs.
If i remember correctly, they are fsound_init errors. I’m using
In any event it seems to be my fmod setp up rather than my VB stuff.

Anyone know any potential problems that could cause this?

Here’s the rest of my fmod code:

result = FSOUND_Init(22000, 32, 0)
If result = 0 Then MsgBox FSOUND_GetErrorString(FSOUND_GetError)

sampleHandle = FSOUND_Sample_Load(FSOUND_FREE, file, FSOUND_NORMAL, 0, 0)
If sampleHandle = 0 Then MsgBox FSOUND_GetErrorString(FSOUND_GetError)

sampleChannel = FSOUND_PlaySound(FSOUND_FREE, sampleHandle)
If sampleChannel = 0 Then MsgBox FSOUND_GetErrorString(FSOUND_GetError)


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