Hello everyone,

I try to acquire sound on microphone on real time, so last week I try and it works but I have not save my work and I try today and I can’t… I don’t know why. I just have some 0.

Here’s my code in C.

[code:ob8xvnxr]void * F_CALLBACKAPI OutPut_Callback(void originalbuffer, void *newbuffer, int length, void *param){
int Count;
Buffer= (short )newbuffer;
static short TempBufferL,TempBufferR;
for(Count=0; Count<=length; Count++)
cout<<Count<<" : "<<(int)TempBufferL<<" ## "<<(int)TempBufferR<<endl;
return newbuffer;
[code:ob8xvnxr]FSOUND_DSPUNIT *myDSP = FSOUND_DSP_Create(&OutPut_Callback,FSOUND_DSP_DEFAULTPRIORITY_USER+100,session);
FSOUND_DSP_SetActive(myDSP, TRUE);[/code:ob8xvnxr]
I enter this callback well but I have just some 0…

I always have 0 and I want something like 451 -157 3135… :)

What should I do, what’s the mistake ? Please Help :)

thanks all,

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Hum, last week it works yes, but I lost my code. So I tried to do the same… I think it’s the same but it doesn”t work now… I have not change the sound on my computer… :(

I see in the sound panel that the microphone is on when I start my exe file, I tried with the windows recorder and it’s ok…

And then I don”t use FSOUND_HW2D… :(

any ideas ? Is my code ok ? Is there something wrong ?

thanks brett !

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