will tried serveral times for cd play with stream

but can’t move track

i will tried snip code of this forum but 1st track can play
if chnaged next track or other track
with FSOUND_Stream_SetSubStream(stream1,trackno)
then crach VBIDE or freeze

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‘Open Audio CD
stream1 = FSOUND_Stream_Open(c_cd, 0, 0, 0)
get_tracks= FSOUND_Stream_GetNumSubStreams(stream1)

private sub cdPlay(trackno as long)
‘trackno is 1 to get_tracks
rtval = FSOUND_Stream_SetSubStream(stream1, trackno)

channel1 = FSOUND_Stream_Play(FSOUND_FREE, stream1)

If channel1 = 0 Then
    'Something went wrong
    FSOUND_GetErrorString(FSOUND_GetError), vbOKOnly
    Exit Sub

End If
end sub


if you want move other track just call Play module with track no.

if you want stop, just like this

Private Sub stream_Clear()
FSOUND_Stream_Stop stream1
FSOUND_Stream_Close (stream1)
stream1 = 0
End Sub

if you moved track only, don’t need Stream stop or Close
this is my mistake
before i mistaked

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…Well see I used out code to play a CD, and everything works fine until I stop it. Then I can’t play it again, it wont do anything.. and I’m still kinda new to this, and I dont know much..


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