I would like to know how i can read data from multiple MP3 files , play it in real time by loading bloc of data from the files into memory.

AssignFile(InputFile, ‘c:2.mp3’);

  BlockRead(InputFile, Buf, SizeOf(Buf),NumRead);

//I want to play these bloc of data in real time

until (NumRead = 0) or (NumWritten <> NumRead);

I tried to understand the example ‘stream2’ provides with the API .. but i did not find how to do it..

Maybe i can do it with FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile and FSOUND_LOADMEMORY but i dont want to load an mp3 of 1 hour (20 megs) into memory i want to feed FSOUND with data in real time.

PS :i hope somebody will understand .. my english is not good :smile:

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