I been running extensive test using FMOD in my program.

Usually my my test program runs a graphics explosion with a sample explosion sound.

The program starts by runing a graphic explosion with sound just about every second as well as moving toward my camera position. I notice when the sound is withing the min and max distance it sounds muffled like it is is filered but less than min distance it sounds nice and crisp sounding just like the original. My sound card is a Sound Blaster Live running under Win XP. As far as I know all the EAX effects are not active. A temporary solution is set FSOUND_3D_Listener_SetRolloffFactor(0.0f)and setup a distance calculation which takes into account the min and max distance and apply this as a percentage of 255 and input this to the vol varible of FSOUND_SetVolume(int channel,int vol).

The positional sound of my four speaker is working, but the distance effect is not working in my oppion on my Sblive.

Has anybody else had this problem or is it just me.


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