Sorry if this is a nonissue, but i am stuck.

I have tried various combinations and cannot get FSOUND_Stream_SetLoopPoints to work. I am sure i am passing correct information but i keep getting “An invalid parameter was passed to this function”. Could someone please point out my folly? Does this have to do with the Fmod function wanting unsigned integers?

Here is my code:

Public Sub SetLoopPoints( _
ByVal startByte As Long, _
ByVal endByte As Long)

' convert bytes to samples
Dim startSample As Long
Dim endSample As Long
startSample = startByte / 4
endSample = endByte / 4

' set loop points
Dim callReturn As Boolean
callReturn = FSOUND_Stream_SetLoopPoints(m_streamHandle, startSample, endSample)
If (callReturn = False) Then
    Msgbox "ERROR"
End If
Exit Sub        

End Sub

I have verified that a valid sream handle is being passed. And i think valid sample positions are being passed. I have played with hard-coded combinations like startSample = 0 or 1, and endSample = 100, 100K, etcetera. Every combination results in the same error. I have not been able to have one successful execution.


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