[quote:24vhfyq9]Geometry API. A revolutionary step up in audio realism will be supported with FMOD 4’s custom geometry engine. This allows polygon scenes to be added to FMOD so that it can automatically calculate obstruction/occlusion as the user moves around the world.

Is it something like an “homemade” EAX4 ?
Working on wich kind of graphic engine?
It could be interesting ’cause i’m working on a RPG title right now, and i’m searching for a way to integrate all this technology improvement (reverberation, obstruction, occlusion, morphing-transition)…

finally, the question which still irritates, do you have a better approximation of the release date for FMOD Ex?

Thks for all

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[quote="brett":3pldr7js] FMOD4’s geometry engine will take polygons and process them to do realtime occlusion (as it already says)… You feed fmod polygon data.[/quote:3pldr7js] 😮 it seems really powerfull…
i better understand… i give him my polygons map (simplified or not), and with my listener position, he will be able to do realtime occlusion (with room walls, inside elements).
+ the reverberation (room material, size – with I3DL2Reverb or a simple reverb (already implemented)
+ [quote:3pldr7js]• ‘Real speed of sound’ to be enabled so a sound far away delays before you hear it (disabled/enabled via a flag in case people don’t like it)
• ITD (Inter-aural Time Delay) support for software mixed 3d sound (i.e. left and right channels of a sound are delayed from each other to add to spatialization effect) [/quote:3pldr7js]

=So it can “sound real”, we finally got it 😀
thank you fmod 😀

[quote:3pldr7js]The alpha is already out. We are aiming for the first week of january for an open beta with most of the features in. We hope to go final with all ports and features in by march for Game Developers Conference
that’s a very good news for our projects…

thanks brett

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