OK… through sheer pain, sweat, blood and tears I have managed to get the FmodManaged c# wrapper working. I can do everything I have wanted to this point, but I am now working on how to rip a CD and convert the tracks to mp3.
I have managed to get a c# wrapper working with the lame mp3 encoder, and if I use the cddarip sample to rip one track, I can correctly convert it to mp3, even specifying different mp3bitrates.

The problem I have is one that was vaguely mentioned in a different thread, and it is to do with trying to convert the cddarip c++ code to c#. I have managed to get most of it working, but the DSP stream callback is behaving very odly, always suggesting the chunk of data it has just read is millions of samples in size (whatever a sample is!). Trying to marshal that amount of data around literally crashes the machine.

I suppose from this I can say the following:

  1. I have a working c# wrapper for fmod – I can let anyone have it if they want it

  2. I have a working c# wrapper for the lame mp3 encoder – I believe I can let anyone have it if they want it. Its not actually mine, but it is open source and I had to modify it to get it working.

  3. Has anyone else tried using callbacks in a c# wrapper and actually got them to work? – If so, can you post some working code?


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