I am sorry if I repeat myself too much and ask all the simple questions but I am a total newbie with sound programming. Hope someone could give me some directions.

I have analyzed record sample, more importantly realtime recording and playback part of it. and understood its functioning mechanism. I wanted to add DX8FX paramEQ effect to that buffer to affect the sound in realtime. But, my problem is that latency increases dramaticaly (to 3-5 seconds) when I call

int ParamEQID = FSOUND_FX_Enable(channel, FSOUND_FX_PARAMEQ);

Am I doing something wrong or applying DX8FX effects in realtime is not possible?

Another problem I have is that I want to apply different paramEQ effect to left and right channel. I am not sure if this is possible with DX8FX API? Is this possible with custom DSP I could write. (I am not saying that I know how! :) ) If the only solution is to write my own DSp to achieve different paramEQ for left and right channel can you gice me some directions where to look for algorithms and examples?

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you very much for your reply! It worked! Obviously, I haven’t analyzed the example thoroughly enough. That #define was even commented!!! 😳 I should have noticed that the sound was played in the second loop when the buffer wrapped.

Thanks again!

Second question is: can you give me some directions where I can find paramEQ algorithms that can be applied as FMOD DSP? I said, I have never tried to write my own DSP but it sounds like fun! :)


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