I’ve been using FMOD 3.74 for playing modules and I noticed a few problems with module playback :

One day suddenly my program started to crash everytime I played this .IT : [url=http://artscoop93.club.fr/SF2Chiptunes.IT:3lmwzmi4]SF2 Chiptune[/url:3lmwzmi4], near 25 seconds. It looked like the default memory management was the problem, because as soon as I set the memory space, it ran fine.
Has somebody got a clue about this problem ?

Another problem has been often experienced : Vibrato. In the above .IT, at pattern 4 (order 9 of 17), there are some high vibrato effects playing during only one row, and it seems that when the vibrato stops, the frequency of the note is not restored. That makes the song sound very awful.
I’ve tested the song in Modplug Tracker, Winamp and XMPlay, they all play this effect properly.

THird big problem : Limitations on notes. Some songs use instruments played with notes higher than B-8. However in FMOD notes entered with C-9 or F-9 for example are played at B-8. There’s the same problem with Modplug:it just doesn’t play notes higher than B-8.
You can test it with this tune : [url=http://artscoop93.club.fr/Valentinesk.IT:3lmwzmi4]e-Mail to Elise[/url:3lmwzmi4] (at nearly 45 seconds from start).

I don’t know if something could easily be done about it :s[/url]

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Thanks !
hmmm i’ve looked at the third problem closer :
it’s note a note limitation but a frequency limit.

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