Sorry for the inaccurate subject, only I wasn’t sure what to put this as!

Basically, when I installed my VB6 app on a client machine, with a server running MySQL, I noticed that it took a couple of seconds whenever I ran a MySQL query (or so I thought).

However, on closer inspection, I realised that my MySQL queries were not at fault. Instead, I found that when loading mp3 files into the stream channel and handle, and analysing the file for stuff such as the duration etc, it took longer for it to do this when the mp3 was bigger in filesize.

I haven’t got the code to hand, as it’s at home and I’m at Uni, but I wondered if anyone else had experienced similar problems? When I’m back at home tonight, I’ll post the code that I think is causing this slowness, as it is probably the way I’ve coded it.

Other factors may include the fact the audio is on a seperate machine, that used to be connected via the Student Union network. Since then, I’ve implented an internal and direct network, just in case the Union traffic / firewalls were slowing things down. Put simply; it’s either my coding, or the fact that the audio is on a seperate machine.

If anyone has experienced similar problems, I’d really appriciate it if you could shed some light on the matter.

Thanks in advance,


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