Can anyone help me!!

I don’t know how to get the spectrum in vb, I already have the code:

Public Function GetSpectrum(ByRef Spectrum() As Single)
Dim nrOfVals As Long, lpSpectrum As Long
Dim A As Long
If UBound(Spectrum) > 511 Then nrOfVals = 512 Else nrOfVals = UBound(Spectrum) + 1
lpSpectrum = FSOUND_DSP_GetSpectrum
CopyMemory Spectrum(0), ByVal lpSpectrum, nrOfVals * 4

End Function

But now I have to draw it for example to a picturebox and I don’t know how :sad:

Can anyone help me out, Thanxx

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Dim Spectrum(512) As Single
dim counter as long

Call GetSpectrum(Spectrum())

for counter = 0 to 512
‘ display cooking here
next counter

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