I realize minifmod is unsupported, but maybe I’ll just get lucky… 😀

Looking for a quick pointer on where someone might best hack into minifmod to trigger one of the contained samples of a mod for a one-shot sound effect. (essentially mimicing a tiny portion of FSOUND_Play() if you’d like to think of it that way)

Seems to me that somewhere between FMUSIC_XM_UpdateXMNote() and FMUSIC_XM_UpdateFlags() it ought to be possible.

For example, if someone were to fake in the contents of a FMUSIC_CHANNEL with an appropriate note value (and freq/pan/volume/etc) and then call FMUSIC_XM_UpdateFlags() on the fly… wouldn’t that work? (ignoring the latency, since no remix occurs, but it would play eventually, right?)

The question is where to insert that call? Would it be safe to just call it anywhere? Or should it be synchronized inside FSOUND_Software_Fill()?

For example, just prior or after FMUSIC_PlayingSong->Update() add:

if (hacked_note_wanted) {


(ps, yes, I know full fmod is the better solution, and I even have a license for it, but I would just like minifmod for this particular use, thanks in advance for any tips)

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