You mentioned in the other topic that it made more sense to do the channel occlusion manually if we already have raycasting available. What is the process I should apply to do so? My best guess at the moment is something like this:

For each non-virtual channel
directOcclusion = 1.0
reverbOcclusion = 1.0
Trace a ray from channel location to listener
For each polygon intersected
directOcclusion *= polygon.directOcclusion
reverbOcclusion *= polygon.reverbOcclusion

Is a single ray all you cast, and do you do any bounce rays? Do I have this anything close to right?

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may I ask a real noob question about the channel::setOcclusion function?
In our game, we’re also going to compute occlusion manually. But while trying to apply occlusion, I used this function without any effect. Whereas when I create a low pass dsp and apply it to the channel I do have the effect I’m looking for. Is there anything to do to the channel before using the setOcclusion function?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I didn’t manage to find what I’m doing wrong so far :(

[edit] the sounds were created with FMOD_SOFTWARE & FMOD_3D flags

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Please, did somebody have the answer? I’m almost desperate, have been searching in all the doc but didn’t find the answer :(. Maybe I am just missing something obvious, but I really don’t see what…

here is a brief description of the code used:
– createSound (with software and 3D flags)
– playSound (channel_free flag, paused sound)
– set3DAttributes and unpaused sound
so far, everything ok, sound change while the listener is moving from the channel;
but when using setOcclusion on my channel, nothing, whatever the arguments are, there’s no differences.

Thx for your help.

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[quote="brett":3bkd3xp3]Apologies for this[/quote:3bkd3xp3]

you don’t have to, we know you have a lot of work to do, and that’s nice enough to keep in touch in the forum :)
I’m just impatient for the next version to implement those functionnalities in my code ^^

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