I’m trying to test fmod library on my PPC Dell Axim X5 (Intel XScale CPU). I installed fmodce.dll (I tested with wce-arm, wce211-arm, wce4-arm).
The sample from fmodapi374ce does not go normally (with the except of userstream project). The others sample block the device.
I tried to execute the other samples in .NET CF (my samples or samples from other people) calling fmod with P/Invoke. The initialisation is ok but when I tried to call FSOUNF_Stream_Open() allways return a null pointer. I know about the problem with the terminator (‘\0’) in the string containing the name of the file…
I used wav and mp3 files that other people (from the forum) used in their application with success.

I don’t know what I can do more to play a mp3 or wav file. 😥
I think is something related with the device or the library (fmodce.dll) that I use.

Some ideas?

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