I’m trying to record sound on smartphone using the looped recording mode. The idea is that I start recording and copy out the first half of the buffer whenever the record position is in the second half and vice versa.

This process works for extracting continuous recording data in chunks on PC, but i’m having trouble with the smartphone.

It appears that the recording does not loop, despite the fact that I specified “true” in the call to FSOUND_Record_SampleStart.

I can check when the recording has finished and restart the recording easily.
But this brings me new problems. The sound appears to cut out and skip sections, and as a result seems to play at an increased speed. I’m thinking this is the result of overhead in stopping and restarting recording. This would cause parts of the audio to be skipped.

In any case, it really seems that I need the looping functionality.
Am I doing something wrong? Is there a specific mode I should create my recording sample with (I’m doing 22050 hz, FSOUND_NORMAL now)? What’s going on here?

Thanks in advance,

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I’m not the one actually testing the smartphone part of this, but my friend who is coding this with me is. He says he can’t get the emulator to work, something about the fact that he has an amd64. I do as well. If anyone could please just try this out and see if they can verify a problem, then try to reproduce it in the emulator, I would be very greatful.

The problem is simply:
Recording to a sample in looping mode does not actually loop on a smartphone.


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I’m interested in this topic, and I’ve got a smartphone.
So you can send me your test files to support@activekitten.com and I will test it.

Best regards,
Dmitry Yakimov.

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