Hi All,

I am planning on writing some kind of automatic DJ system. before I choose which library to use i have several questions to you all.

1) Is FMOD stable for runing 365/24/7 – meaning all the time ?

2) Is FMOD the right library to that? or is it good for gaming? what is the quality of the sound? can I play the mp3 at the maximum quality like all the other pro DJ softwares (BPM Studio for example).

3) I want to have multi sound card support for several zones, is it capable of doing that , if so how? and how many at once? (I saw the fmodEx is capable however it is still in the alpha/beta stage, when is it going to be a release?)

4) How is FMOD vs BASS? I know you all here are FMOD’s but can you be more specific and tell me the advantages of FMOD vs BASS.

thanks to you all,


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I’ve build an application using FMOD.
It was a DJ app with 2 main players, pre-listener and 10 jingle/sample players.

Someone used it 80+ hours straight forward and it never crashed.
The website is down cos my host was upgrading the server kernel but somehow he messed it up, grrrr

Anyway the project is dead atm and i’m thinking to convert it to Kylix so i can built it multi-platform.

If you’re interested maybe we could start a OpenSource version to provide power to FMOD.
Anyone just PM me on this website or contact: djmaze AT dragonflycms (DOT) org

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