With the new 29 version of FMOD Ex I have made some comparions of streams and uncoding samples in memory.

I have a sample file with 78000 samples, totalling 900 MB. If you wonder what kind of idiot would do that, the reason is a program where we have recorded 78000 Norwegian words, and the application works kind of a speech synthesis with MUCH better pronounciation and clarity.

Using two createstream calls anywhere in the file takes about 12 ms, and then a call the to playsound with one stream adds another 4 ms.

Using two createsound calls anywhere in the file, and unpacking them into memory takes 15 ms, and a call to playsound add another 2 ms.

This was done in VB 6 in the development environment. In exe it will be somewhat faster.

This proves that it’s no point using streams when working with small couple of seconds samples. And since they are already in memory no need for additional disk operations.

I have noticed that some people go bananas everytime samples are used instead of streams. But of course when playing songs streams are the correct choice.


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