In FMOD 3.74 we had some issues with sound playback on Windows Terminal Server (TS).

The sound got a stuttering effect and was actually quite useless. We fixed that with some buffering settings in FMOD.

In FMOD Ex it is even worse, and we can’t seem to find any solution to this.

We’re using Createsound with samples loaded into memory. We also using FMOD_SOFTWARE since the sound output from TS is emulated and sent to the clients. No there’s no point in doing it hardware.

Please help!

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By adjusting the DSP bufersize it now works, or by setting it to hardware. But since I’m using DSP I need it in software.

I know that you don’t like to think about Terminal Server but more and more businesses use that. The biggest issue is the latency. It takes about 1.5 seconds from PlaySound to it actually starts playing the sound.

Come to think of it, an even bigger concern is that it’s think it has finished playing the sound about the same amount of time before it actually ends. So when syncing sound and text/graphics this become a big issue.

I will contact the Microsoft Partner representative to speak out our concerns about the latency of the sound emulator in Terminal Server.

And I know this has nothing to do with FMOD 😀

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