I’ve just ported the Geometry to Java, it is the last example I can port to Java (codec_raw & output_mp3 remains unportable).
This is a very good example ! Nice environment (looks like a man).

The title of the window for the example is :
[code:om1ru100]"red 3D lighted cube"[/code:om1ru100]
May be you can use something like that :
[code:om1ru100]"Geometry. Copyright (c), Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd 2005."[/code:om1ru100]

Here is a little suggestion, why don’t you use arrow keys instead of w s a d keys for the movement ?
w s a d is a configuration for a qwerty keyboard. It is hard to move using an azerty keyboard with this configuration.
You can simply use up, down, left and right arrow keys. It is the same keys for azerty and qwarty keyboards. I think it is more intuitive. :)

I’ve got also a question, why did you call drawGeometry at the line 406 in doGeometryMovement ?
[code:om1ru100]//Line 406 in doGeometryMovement
It is the method that update movement of the mesh. Why did you draw rotatingMesh in it (already drawn in display) ?
I’ve removed the line and no changes. I think it is not necesary, bu may be I’m wrong …

I’ve seen that you’ve made some changed on DspPluginViewer example in FMOD Ex 33.
It remains few display problems with track bar and plugin.
When track bar are activated due to that too many plugins are loaded, the bottom of the last plugin is not visible.
We can’t reach the two last plugin parameters or the bottom of the config dialog.

I’ve got a final question. Structure’s members marked with [out] means that FMOD set the value.
Does this also means that it is ‘forbidden’ to modify the value ?
I’ve seem that this is the case for members of FMOD_CODEC. I don’t know if it is the case for all members marked by [out] (ie members of FMOD_CDTOC, FMOD_TAG and FMOD_OUTPUT.readfrommixer).

For my Java interface (I’ve just added FMOD Designer in it), I use getter and setter functions to get and modify each members.
I ask you this question to know if setter are usefull for members marked with [out] and to know if I can remove them (setters) to prohibit the modification of members.

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Based on what I found after searching for it, azerty is the layout of a French keyboard.

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Yes, azerty keyboards are French keybords.
First character lines is azerty … instead of qwerty …
Second line is qsdf…
Third line is wxc…
So the move away, I need to press the bottom key (w) etc.

[quote:teg3dfj0][out] only means don’t touch it, you can only read from it. [/quote:teg3dfj0]
Ok, I will remove setters. 😀

[quote:teg3dfj0]I’m not really too worried if people can’t make plugins from java.
Plugins should be written in C/C++.[/quote:teg3dfj0]
No problem.

I’ve got a problem on the Linux platform, when I try to loads FMOD Ex shared object (libfmodex.so), I’ve got this error :
[code:teg3dfj0]/mnt/hda5/Linux/lib/libfmodex.so: undefined symbol: __cxa_pure_virtual[/code:teg3dfj0]
I think this problem is in the FMOD Ex library but may be it come from that I try to load it from Java.
May be this error means something for you.
(With FMOD 3, this error don’t occures).

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