I am a student working on a project to add audio to a virtual environment development library. Couple of questions to clear up my thoughts (I have been using DirectX but a little disappointed)
1. FMOD, if I use the FX (ENABLEOUPUTFX) ties my effects ability to DirectX’s versions and also prohibits frequency/pitch manipulation – true?
2. Does using the Reverb or ReverbCHannel properties (EAX as I understand it) also limit manipulating pitch/freq?
3. I noticed there are EAX presets for ReverbProperties (global) but not channel specific – am I missing something or if I want presets I must build my own?
4. For the example in the download where callbacks are used to accomplish echoing and reverb, is that using directsound under the hood, or the FMOD sound engine?
5. Is ther a way to have frequency shifting, echoing, and reverb all in a 3D environment? IF so, can you giv e me some guidance? (this is ultimately waht I need to incorporate into my application)
6. Has anyone ever linked FMOD (recording capability) with something like HawkVoice (http://www.hawksoft.com) for a voice-over-ip capabability? This is another requirement for me.

Please don’t feel that my questions indicate that I question FMOD or its capabilities – as far as I can see (limited programming experience here, so be gentle!), FMOD overcomes some of the bigger shortcomings in Directx

Sorry for the length of the post. Really excited about getting going, and I want to make sure I start with a good basis and understanding of what I am playing with.

Thanks in advance,
Eric Krebs

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