I wrote a psuedo-scope based on the buffer returned from GetSpectrum. I want to do a REAL scope, so I took a long hard look at the C++ version of the testbed. After running the program I found I really like the look of the scope. Thats what I want to do in Delphi. So I started on my quest for Delphi Nirvana…

After several hours of access violations I realized I’m not getting anywhere, and I’m not good at deciphering C++ code. In fact I really have a hard time reading C code at all. No offense to C/C++ people, but I never really liked it as a dev language.

Could someone who knows C and Delphi, or even pascal, please “convert” the callback and scope ploting code from the MAIN.C file in the C++ Samples/FMOD directory? Shouldn’t take tooooooo long I wouldn’t think.

I’m pretty sure it would benefit a lot of people who are new to the whole callback thing.

Thanks. :smile:

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