hey brett and everyone else :)

I emailed you last year asking a few questions on simple sequences using fmod3 just before you started releasing fmod4 betas – I’ve tried implementing a very basic sequencer in fmod4 over the betas and it’s almost working based on the subsound sentencing example but I’m experiencing some glitches and crashes… so I have a few questions!

a while back in the betas it stopped working until I changed the decodebuffer sizes for the main sound stream – what are some appropriate values for the decodebuffer length? Multiples of 2/16/samplerate? The docs say that the default is around 400ms but after sound glitches I thought I’d lengthen the buffer. There’s very different performance when this decodebuffer length changes, from glitches to straight out crashes. It also seems very affected by the number of channels I’m trying to use subsound sentencing over (16 mono chans are mostly ok, 30 seems mostly bad!). Are there any limits on how many channels subsound sentencing can be used over or is it possibly a soundcard driver bug/problem? (winxp/amd64/realtek ac97)

I also tried combining the loadfrommemory code sample in there as well so that the sample files are loaded into memory and the subsounds are loaded from there as opposed to from disk, just in case disk access was the issue. I’m currently using mono 16bit pcm samples that are 2.6 or 5.2 secs long – is this too long for the sentencing or do the sound or subsound decodebuffers require tweaking to work just right?

I can’t read crash reports (!) but when it crashes it exits straight out as opposed to throwing any exceptions from fmod… I’m not expecting to just post my (lame) sourcecode and have anyone trawl through it for me (unless anyone wants to see it, no probs there at all), but are there any practical limits or performance issues with the subsound sentencing I might have overlooked when trying to make a basic sequencer work?

cheers for any tips or suggestions :)

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hey brett

thanks for your speedy reply :)

yep, I was trying all sortsa channel counts with mono and stereo samples, etc. and seeing if I could get it going nicely. If you’re really interested you are welcome to all of the ‘code’ (nb. term used loosely) and stuff so you can run a debug to see if it’s fmod or something else acting up.

I can rar it up and send it to your support email unless you’d like it someplace else…


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