Hi, im running fmod ce 3.74 and think ive found a memory leak using codesnitch.

11705 0x42173f06 TerminateThread 3 Warning: API Failure(GetLastError()=87): TerminateThread(0xe0470266,0x00000000) (0x01C142D8) FSOUND_HasPowerOnOccurred in [Unknown file], line 0

11754 0x63c4d9ce CreateThread 0x0267bfc2 10 Resource leak (0x01C14240) FSOUND_HasPowerOnOccurred in [Unknown file], line 0

the ’10’ in the createthread is the number of times this leak occured , and i happened to play 10 files. I think this thread is created and the handle/thread is not deleted/terminated every time. I cant find the API call anywhere so i guess its an internal. Im about to release a product, and would like this looked into.

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