I was doing some basic testing with Ex and I used the vb example of playstream for VB and placed a textbox and command button on the main form. Added in CommonDialog control to the form. Went to add the code for command button to open CommonDialog.ShowOpen and this is the code for that:


Text1.Text = CommonDialog1.filename

I run the application in the IDE and as soon as I press the command button to show the Open Dialog my application and VB crashes with no errors.

Does anybody know what that is about?

EDIT: It seems that outside of the IDE (compiled) it works great with no crashes. I never had a problem in FMOD3 with CommonDialog crashing. Is this an issue that can get fixed?


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Well this makes me feel a little better. I tried doing the same thing as explained above on my work computer and it worked fine. Well there must be something screwy with VS install on my home system.

I will try re-installing SP and seeing if that fixes it.

Thanks everyone for at least reading it! :roll:

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