We really like the FMOD Designer and would like to use it in our
project. So I decided to add support for playing Event using FMOD Designer API, but I have had some difficulties:

  • How can I play two instance of an event at the same time ?
    I tried to add the same fev file multiple times and it creates a new
    group every time. I get them using index, and play an event from each
    one. Are the “Sound”s duplicated in this case? Is there a better way to do it?

  • our resource engine supports asyncronous file loading, but i don’t know how to handle this with the EventSystem’s interface. It handles file loading automatically in the background, it would be great if there would be a way to upload the needed sounds from memory(like with createSound), too. It’s not big issue for us now, anyway.

thx in advance

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I’ve tried it, after setting Max playbacks to 2 and calling getEvent after starting the first Event it returns a different pointer, so it works great.

About the eventsystem::load : I think it would be great to know about the needed “Sound”s and set them somehow. But for know the Group’s cache feature will do the job for us.


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