ok, probably there exists already a thread on a statically linkable fmod lib version, but i want to ask again:

why dont you release statically linkable fmod libraries?
the reason im asking is: my game ( http://www.gravytris.tk ) is to have everything (sound, textures, music etc) selfcontained in the executable. i’m currently using sdl, libcurl, vorbis, libjpeg etc. — all of these libs can be compiled to link static.
now the sdl_mixer isnt that great, i would like to switch to fmod. but i cannot because im forced to use a dll.

this would break the idea to have my game.exe on my webserver, the gamer to download it and directly start it WITHOUT any installation, extraction etc. simply download and run. no need to create a subdir etc.

so why not provide static libs? i even would accept to display an fmod logo at game startup or to publish source code. (what i must do anyway because i statically link sdl)

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