I’ve been using FMOD for sound in games for awhile, but all i’ve really done is just a generic call to playsound making everything play at whatever volume i had set with default pan. Now i’m working on a 2D-sidescroller, and i want positional sound.

  1. What is exactly is an FMOD::Channel and how should it be used? How many do i need? Should every object/entity in my game world have its own channel to play sounds on, or is an array of them in my sound system class good enough?

  2. I have 3D sound working, but i can’t get sounds to be silent when they’re too far away. They get really quiet, but never actually silent. I’m currently calling [code:27ntheze]set3DMinMaxDistance(100.0f, 10000.0f);[/code:27ntheze] for every sound i load, and i’m using all the defaults with set3DSettings(). Basically what i want is for a sound to be inaudible if its distance from the listener is SCREEN_WIDTH*1.5 (the screen width is currently 1024). I’ll get 100,000+ units away and still be able to hear the sound.

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