I know many people have already asked for MP3 playing in CF.

I’ve aso read many post talking abut fmodmanaged for .NET CF but I cannot see it anywhere. I’ve downloaded and tried POMOD. It works perfectly in my iPAQ h5550. Therefore it’s not a device problem. I do only need the source code (if possible C#) to play MP3 files on a PocketPC.

I’ve tried with many code snippets shown here, but although the application is correctly deployed, any of my audio files (mp3, wav) are played. And the strangest thing is that the application does not show any errors.

Also tried a complete example called “turkaymp3csharp.zip”, but can’t even compile it!

I’m using nowadays VS.NET 2005 Beta2, with CF 2.0 (if possible) and I’m targeting an iPAQ h5550 with Windows Mobile 2003, but I plan to target 2003, 2003SE and WM 5.0.

Any caritative soul could provide me a fmodmanaged library for .NET CF that really works, or at least, a good link please.

Thanks very much in advance.

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