i need to handle between the left and right speaker.for this i usesetspeaker mode function

[code:s3pj5sk5] FMOD_System_SetSpeakerMode (byval system As Long, ByVal speakermode As FMOD_SPEAKERMODE) As FMOD_RESULT[/code:s3pj5sk5]

and i call this function like this

after doing this to make the song play in left speaker only i do the following code

[code:s3pj5sk5]’For Left Speaker

FMOD_Channel_SetSpeakerLevel (channel, FMOD_SPEAKER_FRONT_LEFT,Volume,2#) As FMOD_RESULT

FMOD_Channel_SetSpeakerLevel (channel, FMOD_SPEAKER_FRONT_RIGHT,0#,2#) As FMOD_RESULT

‘For Right Speaker

FMOD_Channel_SetSpeakerLevel (channel, FMOD_SPEAKER_FRONT_LEFT,0#,2#) As FMOD_RESULT

FMOD_Channel_SetSpeakerLevel (channel, FMOD_SPEAKER_FRONT_RIGHT,volume,2#) As FMOD_RESULT[/code:s3pj5sk5]

after doing this i play the song when i shift to left /right speaker by calling the above code i get all zero values in getspectrum() function.But When i shift this two or three times i get the spectrum when i am in left speaker mode .But nothing come when i am in right speaker mode.

i need to know whether what i did to set only left/right speaker was correct as i have only two speakers and in stereo mode.If i am ok Then Why is the getspectrum() function not working.I Need the answer desperately…..

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