Cool! The Drag & Drop features make it very fast and handy to add new sounds. Also, looks like you’ve exposed some more parameters, at least in the Chorus effect. Nice work. FMOD Designer is shaping up.

Bugs found:

  • FMOD Designer seems to confirm the “save changes?” twice. First, when you select “Open” from the File menu, then again when you have selected the file to open.

  • There are problems with sound instance crossfading when playing Oneshot sounds. I have three wind samples which are crossfaded together, a bit like the car engine, bound to the “Wind Strength” parameter. If I slide the Wind Strength all the way up, then back down, the wind sounds start playing abruptly where they should not play.

The crossfade goes as follows:
Wind1 X Wind2 X Wind3

When I slide the “WindStrength” parameter starting from right, the crossfade works correctly until you reach Wind2 and are no longer in the crossfade area. Then Wind3 starts to play at full volume. This, even though the parameter is outside the Wind3 sound instance area.

This problem is not present in the “Car” example, I reckon the difference is that in “Car”, the sounds play Looping. In my wind event, they are randomized sets of Oneshot sounds.

This problem was already present in earlier versions.

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I’m finding that many of my sound effects now seem to play slower (i.e. longer length and lower pitch) and with occasional bursts of static. I have not changed my FMOD Designer project and I have not seen this on any of the previous releases.

Specifically, I’m seeing it with the wave banks set to “Load into memory” and “PCM” compression. I have this problem both in-game and in the FMOD Event Player.

Any ideas?

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