I’ve remarked a strange thing with my Visual C++ 7 compiler.
Examples compilled with my compiler don’t work the same as pre-build one. The pre-compile works fine, but mine don’t work the same.

Pre-build dsppluginviewer example work fine and can read .raw file (for example, output.raw generated by offline decoding example). But, if I compile it with Visual C++ 7, dsppluginviewer [b:dc8wc0qm]can’t[/b:dc8wc0qm] play .raw file (it display error 23, Unsupported file or audio format).
I’ve made no changes in the source and in the properties of the project .

This is the same for all project I build, no one ccept the raw format. I’ve always error 23. 😥
But, pre-compile play it well !

Do you think that it is a problem from my Visual C++ compiler or my system ?
Do you know how I can solve this problem ?


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Thanks, it now work :-)

Sorry, I was thinking that codec_raw was included in fmodex.dll. I just see it is not present in plugins dir (like output_mp3).

You can may be add a little note on plugins not included in fmodex library (in platform specific issues for example).

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