We release a gome a couple pf months back and we were getting a lot of errors with fmod, and I mean a lot of errors.

I looked around and saw that some games were converting the OGG samples to wav before they were playing them.
So I thought I would try the same and see what would happen.

Well the results are in and I got 4 errors instead of 100’s.

I still use fmod to play everything the only difference is now I play wav sample files instead of ogg.
Streams are still ogg that could be why 4 errors.

Can this be correct, the results are telling me it is but I still find it a bit hard beleave..



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[quote="brett":1jn6i5t6]Are they particular oggs? Are they your oggs? What do you mean some games?
There are no known issues with ogg loading, its possible you ran out of memory instancing the decoder or something, i can’t say at this stage.[/quote:1jn6i5t6]

They are our ogg files we get them from our sound guy as ogg.
The crashes are all from different files.

Loading I have no problem with, playing is where the problem is.
When I play using fmod I get more(lot) crashes from fmod when play ogg then when I play wav.

Some games, PopCap do this always.



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