Hi everyone

I am currently doing a project of fmod with surround sound headphone and ran into some trouble:

There are some USB surround sound headphones that do not include any software/driver. When they are plugged to the PC, the sound card and speakers will be disabled automatically – they will function and take care of all sounds by themselves.

My question is, with fsound_hw3d flag on, will fmod be using the software mixer to produce surround sound rather that using hardware (since sound card is disabled)?

Thank you :)

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Thank you Brett.

The USB surround sound headphones claim that they have 6 channel capable of outputting surround sound.


The other set of headphones are called Zalman which they have explicit plugs for front, rear and center (just like you do with the 5.1 speakers).

http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews … review.php

So Brett, according to the website the USB headphones are surround sound (or let’s assume they are), with the fact that they will be disabling the sound card after being plugged, will fmod just output non-3D sound in theory?

Thank you in advance!

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