Hi, I have a volume stutter problem (or something), hopefully someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong.

I’m trying to simulate a big stationary engine by playing a looping sample with the
SOUND_PlaySound function.

Then I’m altering the frequency with the
FSOUND_SetFrequency function to simulate the engine changing rpm, works great.

Since my program has a 3d environment I’m using the
FSOUND_3D_SetAttributes to place my engine in space, and this to works great.

Now to the problem, I want to change the “base” volume from the engine to simulate the load on the engine and then have the 3d function to alter the volume as usual, so I tried the
FSOUND_SetVolume but then it all stutters and it seems like I’m fighting with the 3d sound functions to set the volume. If I set the volume immediately before
FSOUND_3D_Update then almost all stutter goes away, but it’s not perfect.

How should I do this?

Regards. Leif…

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Hi brett,

Thanks for looking into my problem. I sure hope you find a way to achieve the effect I’m after.

(Mailadress sent in a separate mail.)

Regards, Leif…

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