Hi, FMOD users!!!
I’m a beginner in FMOD.

I want to make the karaoke system(playing the mp3 file + mic input) in winCE.

I reffered the userstream sample file in win32.
I only use the apis usable between win32 and winCE.

But I have the 2 problems.

  1. I want to vary the playing speed by the FSOUND_SetFrequency.
    That function works well.
    But I want to compansate the pitch shifted by FSOUND_SetFrequency.
    I can’t do that because I can’t get the pitch shifted data.
    Are there any solution to solve the problem?
    I tried the user dsp unit for compansating the shifted pitch.
    But FSOUND_SetFrequency do the effect after my user dsp unit.
    So I can’t compensate the pitch shited data.
    How can I get the pitch shifted data?
    Please help me.. I lost my schedule for a week.

  2. In karaoke system, we are singing with hearing the played music.
    Of couse, mic input data is outputed to the speaker.
    I can hear the mic input data(my voice).
    But, there is the delay between my voice and the speaker out.
    I practiced the record sample program.
    Of couse, I admit that there is a little delay between them.
    But, I am unpleasant to that delay. In hardware system(i.e. mp3 player) I can’t percieve the the delay almost.
    Could you show me the way to solve the problem…

    Please answer my problem.
    I am sorry to my english.

    Thank you for the attention.

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