I’m working on a game and am trying to get the 3D sound to attenuate properly.

system->createSound(“Resources/SFX/jaguar.wav”, FMOD_3D, 0, &sound);


It seems as if the sound stays teh same volume no matter what. I go out to a distance past 100 and the sound is still at the same volume. One thing I am doing differently from the suggested way is rather than computing a velocity, I simply set the listener position every frame. Would this cause problems? I still call system::Update() every loop. I also tried switching to linear roll off.

system->createSound(“Resources/SFX/jaguar.wav”, FMOD_3D_LINEARROLLOFF | FMOD_3D, 0, &sound);

but then I got no sound at all, no matter how close are far away I was. I just think I’m missing something. I’ve tried comparing with the 3D example, but the only thing I can see that i’m doing differently is the listener position thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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