I have a situation where I need to map two 5.1 soundcards in managed code
(c#) and use them to play sounds in multi channel mode.

So for example,
I would need to play one sound (and it should only be heared) in front-left channel and another one sound (it should also only be heared)
in right-rear channel.

Thanks alot for your comments/suggestions.

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Multi-speaker output support

Now FMOD has a full multichannel mixer, even 2D sounds can be played in 5.1 (or 7.1!). Sounds can even swap their channel assignments around so left and right of a stereo sound are swapped around, mixed or all placed in the rear left speaker for example.
The way this is available is FMOD supports pan matrices. Any input sound channel can be redirected to any output speaker, and on top of this percentages/fractional levels are supported, so there are no absolute speaker assignments.

The above are quoted from the front page. So it is possilbe, I think.
But sorry, I don’t know how to. I also wanna know


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