The following produces audible pops:




It appears as if stop() immediatly stops playback insted of doing a short fadeout to ensure that no pops occur.

This is with a bank with force software enabled.

Is this the intended behavior? It seems very wrong to me.

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We have a class of sounds that do this. They are essentially one shots that have long tails that we don’t want to play more than one tail at a time.

Something that would be useful and solve this problem for us as well as making a feature that would be useful in a couple of other circumstances would be the ability to control the fade in / fade out time on a sound. This could either be through code or defined as a Designer parameter.

Knowing what you have said I can think of no situation where I would call stop() unless I have manually set the volume to zero which means I wanted to fade the sound out. Meaning fade is the function I really want, not stop.

Is there a common use case for stop() that I am missing? It seems like it will always have a chance of poping and therefore should not be called unless the volume on the event is zero.

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