Just to let you know that a new forum for Pocket PC developers have been created at [b:gj36yuxz][url:gj36yuxz]http://www.pocketpccode.com[/url:gj36yuxz][/b:gj36yuxz]

The discussions available are as follows:-

  1. Embedded Visual C++
  2. Embedded Visual Basic
  3. Embedded Java
  4. Developer Requests
  5. General Pocket PC

The first three forums are for asking technical programming questions regarding the specific languages.

The ‘General Pocket PC’ forum is for none technical discussions regarding Pocket PC’s and promoting your software and sites.

Finally the ‘Developer Requests’ forum. This forum has been created for two main reasons:-

  1. For PocketPC developers to ask for assistance in their projects.

As a developer you may be a brilliant programmer but can you draw the images required for icons, sprites and backgrounds? Can you compose the backing track for your latest game? Create interesting or amuzing sound effects? Maybe you can, but if you cannot here is the place to post.

  1. For musicians, artists, designers and testers to advertise their availability.

Can you create and animate sprites? Draw intesting backgrounds? Can you write music, if so what formats can you produce .it/.mod/.s3m/.xm? Have you a library of quality sound effects? Post here, let developers know what you can offer.

All software needs testing! Have you some free time and want to get involved with a project. Post here what device(s) you own and what type(s) of software you would like to test eg games, communications etc.

Have you got a top idea for some new software, be it a game or an application? Are you looking for something in particular? Does something already exist but does not quite do everything you need? Post here, maybe with existing examples. Hopefully a developer may pick it up.

[url:gj36yuxz]http://www.pocketpccode.com[/url:gj36yuxz] also has links to top site and will eventually have a good catalogue of tutorials and code examples.

I look forward to seeing you there.


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