I’m trying to come up with a way to utilize one event for specific AI-based voice-over calls within a game environment.

For example, I have the radio calls broken up into four sections:
1) Radio beeps on
2) the person addresses who he/she is talking to
3) the person gives said person an objective
4) the radio beeps off

So as of now, I’m currently using one layer on the event editor and have each sound definition snapped onto that layer going into consecutive order. The problem is this…all of the definitions are different times. There are four different “radio-on” sounds that are slightly different times, the several different options of names that the person is addressing are different lengths, the several different objective options vary wildly time-wise, and the beeps off are different lengths.
Right now, I’m just seeing that whenever a new definition is called in the event editor, it is on a very specific time line…so the objective will fire off at 8 seconds when sometimes the name that the person is addressing might bleed into that 8 seconds.

Is there anyway to specify that the next definition will NOT fire off until the previous one has completed, instead of forcing it onto a time-line?

Whew…that was an involved post…I tried looking into the archives to see if this was addressed, but didn’t see anything.

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Excellent news! Thanks a lot, Brett! I’ll definitely be looking forward to the next release!

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