trying to update to the latest fmod ex 4.03.03 and using the 1.03.03 version of the designer client. i have done fmod updates before with our game but this time im coming into problems so here i go

  1. updated all the dlls
  2. updated the libs
  3. updated the headers
  4. recompiled the fdv
  5. recompiled the fsb
  6. clean and rebuild

i now am getting 2 problems

in visual studio C++ i get a linker warning of “all references to ‘dynamic-link library’ discarded by /OPT:REF”

and when i try to run it i get this

“the procedure entry point ?removeCallback@asyncThread@fmod@@sg?aw4fmod_result@@… could not be located in the dynamic link library fmodex.dll”

any ideas on what im missing? thanks for the help

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visual studio was throwing me these errors because it was looking at the fmod ex dll in the system 32 folder and not the one in the local project directory. thanks for the help guys

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I’ve did depends on my fmodex.dll (4.03.03)

and I think I have that function:


if you do from the command line this:

undname ?removeCallback@AsyncThread@FMOD@@SG?AW4FMOD_RESULT@@P6G?AW43@XZ@Z

it’ll come up to:

C:\>undname ?removeCallback@AsyncThread@FMOD@@SG?AW4FMOD_RESULT@@P6G?AW43@XZ@Z
Microsoft (R) C++ Name Undecorator
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1981-2001. All rights reserved.

Undecoration of :- “?removeCallback@AsyncThread@FMOD@@SG?AW4FMOD_RESULT@@P6G?AW43@XZ@Z”
is :- “public: static enum FMOD_RESULT __stdcall FMOD::AsyncThread::removeCallback(enum FMOD_RESULT (__stdcall*)(void))”

I hope that helps.

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That removeCallback function is an internal FMOD function that was added recently. It is definitely present in the latest 4.03.03 version so I can only assume that you’re still using an old verison of fmodex.dll somehow. Check your paths etc. to make sure you don’t still have old versions lying around.

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