I’ve been using Fmod 3.x for a while, but I started using the new version just recently. I’ve implemented some fmod functions to a Linux C++ project that I’m now porting to Win32, using a mingw32 gcc as a cross-compiler. I’m getting linking problems with almost all fmod functions that I’m using.

Here’s some example of the problem:

nino@asgard:~/src/dgen-nino> /usr/local/mingw32/bin/gcc fmod.cpp -o t -lfmodex -I/usr/local/mingw32/include
/tmp/ccqyKvtv.o:fmod.cpp:(.text+0x39c): undefined reference to FMOD::System::getVersion(unsigned int*)@8'
/tmp/ccqyKvtv.o:fmod.cpp:(.text+0x3d2): undefined reference to
FMOD::System::init(int, unsigned int, void*)@16′
/tmp/ccqyKvtv.o:fmod.cpp:(.text+0x430): undefined reference to FMOD::System::createSound(char const*, unsigned int, FMOD_CREATESOUNDEXINFO*, FMOD::Sound**)@20'
/tmp/ccqyKvtv.o:fmod.cpp:(.text+0x456): undefined reference to
FMOD::Sound::setMode(unsigned int)@8′
/tmp/ccqyKvtv.o:fmod.cpp:(.text+0x495): undefined reference to FMOD::System::playSound(FMOD_CHANNELINDEX, FMOD::Sound*, bool, FMOD::Channel**)@20'
/tmp/ccqyKvtv.o:fmod.cpp:(.text+0x4d7): undefined reference to
FMOD::Sound::setLoopPoints(unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int)@20′
/tmp/ccqyKvtv.o:fmod.cpp:(.text+0x4fd): undefined reference to `FMOD::Channel::stop()@4′
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I get the same errors, no change if I use -lfmodexp instead of -lfmodex. Using both libs or changing the gcc argument order doesn’t change anything.

Any ideas ?

Thank you,

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Have a look at the sticky thread on the top of this forum called
“BCB6 C++ / Dev c++ / MinGW linker issues (READ)”

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