On my development system (NT4, Vortex2) there is a huge lag between sound events happening and sounds being heard. For example as you move a cursor down different menu selection choices there is a little click. You can move down about three or four choices and make your selection before you hear the first click!

I’m using fmod3.33, which I thought I didn’t need to specify any difference between DirectSound/Waveout for optimum performance? Or is this as good as it gets in NT4 with Fmod?

Its not the end of the world if this is the best that we can get since NT4 is obsolete, but SEAL did not have any problems like this.

Is it possible to make a very short mp3 sound acceptable? Our sound directory is about 11megs, which we can shrink to 1meg with mp3 compression which is a HUGE help for making our game accessable to the general downloading public, but our short sound effects then sound like absolute crap. We ended up converting our three longest sound effects to mp3 and leaving the rest as wave files which brought the total directory size down to about 6megs.

Is it possible to convert all files to a compressed format to save another 5megs (about 20minutes of modem download time, plus reduced ISP charges) or do those compression algorithms simply not suit extremely short “songs”?

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