I have a little issue to solve related to sound recording/playback.

The thing is:

1) There is a place where sound (voices or whatever) is being produced. I have to record it.

2) Later I have to playback the recorded sound (in the same place), at the same time that new sound is being produced and recorded.

3) Repat 2.

The problem is, when the sound is being recorded, also the played sound will be recorded.

I dont know if it would work to record the sound, and add to the signal the played sound with phase inverted..

Recorded sound = Sound in the place – Fase Inversion( Sound being playbacked ).

The questions are:

1) Would this solution work more or less properly?
2) Is it possible to invert the phase of a sound and to add or substract sounds with FMOD?

Thanks in advance!

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What you want to do is often called "full-duplex". No the phase inversion trick will not work because of unavoidable lag introduced in full-duplex system.

Anyway it’s easy to do with FMOD, simply look at the very good sample "examples/dsppluginviewer". There is a "record" button which do exactly what you want.

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