Hi Brett

Thanks for answering my recent newbie questions.

I have another one for you…

After I start my test application (.NET compact framework on a Pocket PC 2003), and wait a few seconds, CPU usage by the application is close to 0% as expected.

After I call FSOUND_Init (simply in a menu callback routine), CPU usage goes up to about 14%, and stays there…

When playing a single MP3 file, CPU usage goes to about 27%, and when playing 2 files, it is at about 41%. When I stop playing these MP3s, CPU usage by the application drops back to 14%.

The question is regarding the unexpectedly high usage after FSOUND_Init has been called. Note that after I call FSOUND_Close, CPU usage drops to 0%.

I came across a similar post:


There too it is also appears that simply calling FSOUND_Init has a significant effect on CPU usage.

Any ideas why post initialisation CPU usage could be significantly higher than the 1% mentioned in that post?

Many thanks

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Thanks Brett

I am using a utility that I just purchased, called Vidya Pocket Task Manager. not only does it show the total CPU in use, it breaks it down on an individual process basis.

It is very consistently giving the results I listed in the original post, and this consistency leads me to believe that it is accurate.


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